Promote Your Spiritual and Energy Wellbeing

Founder of Cosmosity -Sunny Wang

Sunny Wang is an intuitive and spiritual healer with special interest in emotional transformation and energy products.

Trained by spirits , Gaia and teachers from many dimensions, Sunny’s perseverance resulted her extraordinary abilities in connecting to Gaia and consciousness in many realms.

Sunny spent decades studying sacred geometry, energy and metaphysical principles, including but not limited to work from Nicolas Tesla, Wilhelm Reich, Viktor Schauberger, and Slim Spurling. Her experience in meditation enabled her to tune in to subtle frequency and being able to see vibrational waves of energy. 

Incorporating her ability to communicate with multi-dimensional beings and access universal source information, her abundance of metaphysical knowledge, and her ability to see vibrational waves, Sunny Wang is able to create very powerful energy tools using natural and manmade materials to assist in human consciousness transformation.

All products sold on Cosmosity.com are created/designed by Sunny Wang while channeling Gaia or multidimensional beings with intention to serve humanity’s highest good.