Promote Your Spiritual and Energy Wellbeing

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Cosmosity ONEness Pendant

Proven technology of titanium, germanium & magnetite Flower of Life and Star of Davida constant wave of energy movement that massage and balance your energy body 

Cosmosity pendant was designed in the USA by intuitive metaphysicians Sunny Wang. The creation of the pendant is based on the combined knowledge of sacred geometry, modern science, and ancient wisdom.

Cosmosity pendant resonates with the vibration of planet Earth. It is designed to be worn at your thymus gland, it is also known as the Thymic Chakra, or the High Heart Chakra. As soon as you put it on, your body begins to synchronize with Earth energy. It helps ground your body. Your vibration becomes more solid so that many electro-magnetic frequency waves (EMFs) no longer negatively influence you.

The combined energy of all the elements in Cosmosity pendant creates a three dimensional wave of massaging energy that enters your body. It connects you with earth, relaxes your body, helps move and balance your meridian energy, assists in balanced chakra development. In so doing, promotes a spiritual connection and rising of consciousness. 


* Made of 99.98% pure titanium and 3 pure germanium insets
* Magnetite insets (4) are created by a special thermal process
* Diameter is approximately 1.25 inches (3+cm)
* Weight is .4 ounces (12.5 grams)
* High tech design, elegant and durable

Cosmosity pendant may:

* Promote groundingness (resonates with Earth energy)

* highten extra-sensory awareness

* Increase ability to focus

* decrease tiredness

* Increase wearer’s bio-field
* Decrease effects from negative EMFs
* Increase immune system
* Increase energy flow of the meridian system
* Improve chakra development
* Promote spiritual awareness and consciousness expansion

Price: $119.95     international first class shipping included



Wear Cosmosity pendant in front of your chest somewhere near the top 1/3 of your sternum. For best results, make sure the hexagram side is in contact with your skin. Ideally before putting on, get quiet and put yourself in a meditative state.

When you first put on your Cosmosity pendant, it may create a minor disorientation as your energy field makes some adjustments. As a precaution, do not put it on before/during the operation of any machinery. Allow 1-2 hours for your energy to completely settle down and find its new balance.


The Cosmosity pendant is considered an experimental device. No claims are made, expressed, or implied as to its effectiveness. Individual results will vary. No governmental agency has evaluated the Cosmosity pendant. This device is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Information and statements made are for educational purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your family doctor. Consult your doctor for the treatment of any illness.